On My Own: How to Clear Acne

Does looking at a mirror bother you? Acne problem is a common problem of 75% of teens and young adults nowadays. Feeling guilty or not, you better continue reading to know how to clear acne, one of the most bothering diseases in history, on your own!

Acne is primarily caused by these three factors: clogged pores, presence of bacteria inside the pores, and excessive oil production. Thus, home treatment and even prescription therapy are often based on these causations and are directed towards unclogging the clogs, killing the bacteria, and reducing oil in excess.

Unclogging the Pores

On My Own: How to Clear Acne

Most people have the assumption that it is okay to squeeze or pick acne or pimples. If you still do, then think again because this would only worsen the bumps and make them redder and bumpier. Worst, it might leave scars. Unclog the pores does not mean manually doing it. We have effective products that will do that job. Using a mild cleansing bar or liquid to wash your face, can cleanse your skin and minimize irritants, either once or twice a day. Exfoliants, mild scrubs and masks are also helpful in exfoliation. Exfoliation removes the outer layer of the skin, thus opening your pores which help in unclogging them.

Destroying Bacteria

Products containing Benzoyl Peroxide are top picks to kill bacteria in acne. It is all available over the counter. Some gels, creams, lotions and other topical products can also be applied, which basically have sulphur, benzoyl peroxide, and resorcinol as active ingredients.

Reducing Oil

Inhibit your oil gland from producing oil. Actually, we cannot totally stop our glands to produce something that they ought to produce. Even some drugs only slow down the secretion process, but stopping the gland is impossible. The best possible thing to do is getting rid of the extra oil on your skin surface and reducing that unnecessary shine. You can utilize a gentle oil-removing astringent or toner, or some masks containing sulphur to draw out that embarrassing facial oil.

Bothered by looking at the mirror? Well, it will bother you no more. With these how-to-clear-acne tips, you can definitely eliminate the reason of your worries, on your own. Surely onwards, every mirror experience would be a delight!